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Minimum order 20 tubs in total (10 per flavour)

Our individual tubs of fairy floss are available in a variety of sizes, colours and flavours.

Mini: 9cm(w)x5cm(h)
Small: 9.5cm(w)x6.5cm(h)
Medium: 9.5cm(w)x8.5cm(h)
Large: 9.5cm(w)x11.5cm(h) [COMING SOON]

They can be personalised with a printed sticker, or a decal name if being used as place cards.

Whilst the minimum order is 20 tubs, the sub-minimum is 10 per flavour. So if ordering 20 tubs you can choose up to 2 flavours (10 of each), 30 tubs up to 3 flavours (10 of each), 40 tubs up to 4 flavours (10 of each) ad so on. To do this, select the first flavour from the drop down list above, and note the secondary flavours in the ‘other order comments’ section above.

Our fairy floss is made in-house as close to the event/date required as possible so that they are their most fresh. Unopened floss tubs maintain freshness for up to 3 months (subject to storage/climate conditions).

Please refer to the Useful Information page for important information regarding the design process.

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Mini, Small, Medium, Large